Screen Mod Installed on a Game Gear


Our services are not limited to selling pre-modified consoles but we also provide console modification services for most of the hardware out there, this is a list of what we do!

Game Boy/Game Boy Pocket

  • Bivert Modchip installation
  • Backlight install
  • Pro sound mod (with jack or rca connectors)

Game Boy Color

  • AGS-101 screen installation
  • front light installation

Game Gear

  • GGTV installation
  • McWill screen upgrade
  • Full capacitors replacement (main board, power board, audio board)

Nintendo 64/Nes/Atari 2600/Pc Engine/Others

  • RGB video mod


Our team has years of experience in modding hardware and we will provide you with fully tested “hot glue free” mods (beware of what you find on ebay and similar sites!) If the mod you are looking for is not listed here, just contact us!