Game Gear Capacitors replacement Kit




This Game Gear capacitors replacement kit will allow you to bring your console back to life!

Use this kit to fix black screens, very low contrast, black and white lines on the screen, and other issues. Be aware though that some problems might require further repair (broken tracks, corrosion, etc…)

This kit is only for experts, you will need soldering experience to install this.

Select your board from the dropdown menu, we will send you the appropriate kit. 

This Game Gear Capacitors replacement Kit fixes the Audio board, power board and main board.  Only high quality capacitors from nichicon, OS-Con, Sanyo (made in Japan).

Want to know more? Check our Game Gear capacitors replacement tutorial or contact us!


Additional information

Board Version

1 ASIC (VA1), 1 ASIC (VA4), 2 ASIC


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