Custom Game Gear Light Blue – McWill LCD

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Custom Game Gear Light Blue – McWill LCD Mods & Description

This beautiful custom Game Gear Light blue has it all: a rare color (light blue, only came out in the japanese market), a beautiful new LCD that can show the vibrant colors of the games and a lot of customizations. Here is the full list:

  • Game Gear Light Blue, case is in very good condition, contacts too
  • Custom installed McWill LCD screen
  • Custom “Sonic” themed front glass
  • “Sakura” Pink power led
  • Fully re-capped (main board, power board, audio board) to never cause more problems

Take a look at the pictures, it looks and plays great! The McWill screen also gives a LOT more battery life than the original screen!

Product Specifications

With the new installed screen the Game Gear is also capable of displaying various resolution modes. To cycle through them, press Start + 1 + 2 during the game. They will reset to default once you turn off the unit. All the capacitors have been replaced, the unit is guaranteed for 3 months after the purchase date.

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