Game Gear Capacitors replacement Tutorial

Game Gear Capacitors Replacement Tutorial

In this Game Gear capacitors replacement tutorial we will show you how to repair your non-working Sega Game Gear.

Game Gear was a beautiful console that suffered from one horrible problem: capacitors. After a certain number of years they will start leaking, and that will bring your Game Gear to its knees. 


  • poor contrast
  • screen looks black/only visible from a certain angle/black
  • black and white lines appear on the screen
  • Game Gear turns off after a few seconds (this usually indicates that the leakage has caused damage to the motherboard too)

Usually it will look something like this:

Game Gear Capacitors issue

Well, not a good start…but could be far worse.

How to fix it

Time to open it! You will need a Gamebit screwdriver and a normal phillips screwdriver. There are 6 screws + 1 security screw to remove in order to open the Game Gear up.

Here we are: the motherboard!

Game Gear Old Capacitors problem

If you look closely almost all the capacitors have leaked…we need to remove them and clean up the board before soldering a new set.

After a lot of cleaning and the new capacitors set installed, this was the result

Game Gear Capacitors replacement Tutorial

Nice and clean. Time to test it!

Game Gear is back after replacing the capacitors

All good! We did it! But we are not done yet, there are still the audio board and the power board (even if they work, they will leak sooner or later. Better safe than sorry!)

Game Gear power board and audio board capacitors

We only used Japanese made high grade capacitors. You do not want to spend a few dollars less and have to replace everything all over again when the cheap capacitors you bought leave you.

We also replaced the power LED to a nice amber one.


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